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Personal Projects

Formly Vellichor Productionsnow Beim-ish Productions


"Humble Pie" is a metaphorical short film that takes you into the mind of Gloria as her real life is crumbling (no pun intended).


A mix of reality and dream.

"Effulgence" is a metaphorical short film about Chloe's struggle with anxiety. She tries to free herself but it taunts her, any shred of hope feels unreal. Will she make it out?

preservation poster.jpg

-My senior thesis at SVA-​

"Preservation" is about a teenager named Heath who wants nothing more than to live a regular teenage life, but being in a prominent political family, it's nearly impossible. With the sudden departure of his father, his corrupt uncle holds the Governors title. When a death threat placed upon him by his power-hungry uncle, Heath must put his wants aside to protect himself and those close to him.

Shown at the 1st SVA Premieres Festival

"White Carnation" is a poetic metaphor about a girl trying to escape a toxic relationship after seeing what she is becoming because of it.

High School senior year final project


"Saving Grace" log-line:

Even in the darkest of times, the light will always outshine.



Won best original screenplay at the Reel Film Festival: 1st Edition

“Books, Where Your Journey Begins” log-line:

Even in a world of technology and gadgets, books will always be the greatest technology.

Won best PSA at the 3rd annual New Works Film Festival.

"Welcome to New York" is a visual representation of my anxiety when I first moved to the city for college​

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